Tell-A-Friend Feature

Let your customers take your business viral with built in sharing capabilities over email, Facebook, SMS, and Twitter.

Marketing is one of the factors that make your business a sensational success, however, not all business owners can afford to do effective marketing strategies, until iPhone Business App. With iPhone Business App, marketing your business or services is now possible with minimum cost and with 100% success rate.

Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. We all know that the word of mouth is the most effective and the most practical way to promote your business, but not all entrepreneurs focus on this because of the delayed result. But thanks to MobileAppsPartner, the word-of-mouth marketing strategy can now have real-time results because of the Tell-A-Friend Feature on your iPhone Business App.

With Tell-A-Friend Feature your clients can now forward your business profile to their connections with the use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, they can also forward it through email and best of all send a text message about it. This system, not only revolutionized the world of marketing services, but it has a great outcome to the economy itself. With a cheap, almost-free form of marketing system, entrepreneurs are cropping everywhere.

These are just a few benefits of Tell-A-Friend Feature here is more of it.

  • It strengthens your business credibility. When someone can vouch for your business, then it’s without a doubt you can sell and sell without the extra cost of advertising.
  • It’s sustainable. Since it’s since Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free, your customers can forward this as long as they want and as to many people as they want.
  • It’s easy to integrate with other features. You can integrate Tell-A-Friend Feature with QR Coupon Feature. You can offer great discounts and freebies through QR Coupon to customers who forward your business to a required number of connections.
  • It is sure to get 100% exposure. A successful marketing system is making sure that it reaches the targeted people, Tell-A-Friend Feature can do this spot on since the people who forwarded your business, and services are users they know exactly who are the right people to tell about it.

The Tell-A-Friend Feature on iPhone Business App will be your ultimate ally. Be sure you get and use it well. Get it now, because we want you to succeed on your business.