GPS Directions

Give your customers mobile maps and turn-by-turn GPS directions to your business location from anywhere in the world without the users ever having to leave your mobile application.

GPS Direction Feature eliminates the exhausting process of mapping a direction of you business place or putting up streamers on where your customers can reach you…

Highlight a single place or multiple locations and help users get there! Integrates with Google Maps to provide driving directions if desired. Users can share addresses and map links via email, Facebook, and Twitter (Locations only).

When you want to be one of the greatest salesperson of your time, you need to make sure that you lead your customers towards your direction, easily and conveniently. This means that other than making sure your prospect get your messages, they should be able to know where you are located.

This is where GPS Direction Feature comes in very handy. When you avail of the iPhone Business Apps from MobileAppsPartner, you can make use of this feature.

GPS or global positioning system has becoming a standard feature in mobile phones and vehicles because it very reliable when it comes to locating your position. In the iPhone Business Apps, the GPS Direction Feature it gives you customers a turn-by- turn direction of your establishment.

How does GPS Direction works?

For your customers, all they have to do is to highlight the location of establishment and they’ll get a detailed direction going there.

For you, the owner/ manager of the establishment, all you have to do is to include this in your iPhone Business Apps from MobileAppsPartner and you’re done, no complicated setup or configuration required.

Here are some of the great advantages of GPS Direction Feature

  • The GPS Direction Feature in iPhone Business Apps allows your customers to reach your establishment in the fastest route. In today’s time, the theory of going from point A to point B using a straight line is the shortest distance does not apply anymore. The traffic factor can consume a huge fraction of your time. Using GPS Direction Feature, your customers can avoid traffic, thus reaching your business place in a great mood and happy to pay for your services.
  • It saves you effort and time in advertising materials. GPS Direction Feature eliminates the exhausting process of mapping a direction of you business place or putting up streamers on where your customers can reach you.
  • It saves your customers time and gas money. Since your customers are now aware where your exact location using the GPS Direction Feature, they can use a route with less traffic, thus saving them time and gas money.
  • It’s super convenient to use GPS Direction Feature because the user doesn’t need to leave your Application when looking for your establishment.
  • Customers will love you! For customers, parking is vital. With GPS Direction feature, your customers will have the chance to locate the nearby, most convenient parking area for them.
  • Your Business Place can go viral fast! Since your customer can share your establishment’s address and a link to the map on their Facebook, Twitter and email.

The advantages of having your own iPhone Business Apps are sure to outweigh any disadvantages, if there are any. Keep in mind that your business can affect all aspects of your life, and when you have people who love you and people you care about, take your business seriously. It’s time you get an iPhone Business Apps to make your business a success.


  • Provide directions to nearby parking
  • Share multiple store locations or places of interest
  • Combine the Locations function with photos, detailed descriptions, and links